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Alpha Delta Chi was founded on the University of California, Los Angeles campus in 1925. Evelyn Kepple Kay, the founding President, and nine other women strove to create a place where Christian women could participate in Greek life without compromising their beliefs, build strong friendships, and most of all, they wanted to create a place which would mirror Christ's love to their community. The sorority was originally named Areta, which means virtue. The sorority's purpose is to provide fellowship for Christian college women, to strengthen the spiritual lives of its members, and to be a testimony for Christ on each campus.  The Theta chapter of Alpha Delta Chi was founded on the campus of Fresno State in the spring of 1989 by 19 women. 

They are:

Susie Harrison Haas                     Ellana Marie Alexander

Tressa Elaine Shepard                  Susan Janette Frandsen

Valerie Janel Core                          Laura Michelle Mangrum

Julie Aileen Orlando                      Kimberly Adele Starr

Sandra Lynn Wielenga                  Pamela Lynn Stephen

Donna Marie Ramirez                   Tara Margret Odell

Veronica Lopez                               Kristina Lynn Kral

Maribel Hernandez                        Leah Anne Flores

Suzanne Marie Emery                   Ame Bernadette Contino 

Linda Jeannette Alexander



Symbols and Traditions

Motto: "As in a mirror"

Sorority Verse: 2 Corinthians 3:18

Aims & Purposes:
1. Social Fellowship:
We are a social sorority with our ultimate goals being to provide christian fellowship for the christian women of CSUF. We are a prime example that Christian girls can have fun and be good social mixers as well!   
2. Spiritual Fellowship:
ADX is not to be the source of your spiritual food, but a supplement to it. Our goal is to promote spiritual growth among our group that can then have results in bearing good fruit.

3. Scholastic Achievement:
Our third purpose is to promote scholastic achievement and standards that encourage the members to meet their full potential academically. we have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 or a C average.  Awards and weekly encouragement by the scholarship chairman are part of our effort to reach this goal. 
Colors: Flame and Blue



Flowers: Gladiolus and Delphinium


Mascot: Lamb


Original Name: Areta which means virtue 
The Crest of Alpha Delta Chi

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